Super Collagen Benefits

In your journey to look and feel your best, you'll come across all types of supplements claiming to do it all. But, one supplement that may actually be able to claim this is super collagen. There are so many benefits of super collagen that we've decided to compile them all for you here today.

From helping you restore your youthful glow and those long, beautiful locks to easing joint pain and helping you pack on lean muscle mass, what can't super collagen do?! We'll cover all this and more, including how to take this supplement safely and effectively. We'll even share where you can find the best on the market.

But first, we need to define "super collagen" and explain how it differs from standard collagen supplements.

What Is Super Collagen Exactly?

If you aren't entirely sure what super collagen is, there is a chance you have actually heard this referred to by other names. For example, some call it hydrolyzed collagen, while others refer to it as collagen peptides.

It goes by many names - but super collagen is simply a more readily available form of collagen supplement. When you consume these collagen peptides, you get more bang for your buck, so to speak. Your body can uptake the product more readily. But let's step back one more time, and discuss collagen in general first.

A Quick Introduction To Collagen In General

If you're new to collagen in general, this protein is one of the most abundant in the human body. It plays a key role in so many different processes. As such, we've come to recognize the value in supplementing our body's natural collagen production.

This becomes more important as you age. With time, your natural collagen production drops to lower levels. You can make up for this loss by taking a quality collagen supplement. And these days, super collagen is the way to go. Here's why.

How Super Collagen Is Different

As you now know, collagen peptides are just a more bioavailable form of standard collagen. That means you can take less of it and get better results! Why not save some money and take smaller doses if you can get the same effect?

That's why so many prefer to take super collagen supplements. Don't worry - towards the end of this article, we'll share some of the best collagen supplements currently on the market. But now, it's time to get into the main topic of the day - how supplementing with super collagen can benefit you!

A Complete List Of Benefits Of Super Collagen Supplements

Collagen peptides have a seemingly endless number of hydrolyzed collagen benefits, and they're all backed by real research. This supplement has been one of the most closely studied in recent years. As time goes on, we'll likely discover more of what this powerful protein can do for us. For now, though, here are some of the most noteworthy benefits of super collagen:

Skin Elasticity & Hydration

Perhaps the most common reason we see women supplementing with this product is the benefits super collagen offers in terms of skin health. As we age, we lose that youthful glow we once had. This is an inevitable part of aging, but you can turn back the clock by supplementing with super collagen!

The reason this works is that super collagen hydrates the skin. Hydrated skin is healthier and more elastic, which may even help reduce wrinkles!

Take a study that examined several women drinking mixtures containing vitamins, minerals, hydrolyzed collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Results showed that these women reduced the depth of their wrinkles while greatly improving skin hydration and elasticity.

This is just one of the many studies showing such results. There is even potential for using collagen supplementation as a form of acne treatment - but more research is needed before we can say definitively.

Build Stronger Bones

The benefits of super collagen aren't just skin deep - you'll feel them throughout your entire body. Particularly, in your bones.

Another unfortunate reality of aging is that your body starts to break down and become more brittle or fragile. But, there is a great chance you can reverse this process and build stronger bones, joints, and other structural tissue throughout your body through collagen supplementation!

One study evaluated women who consumed either calcium alone, or calcium with collagen, for one year. The results showed that the women who took the collagen form showed lower levels of a protein that is notorious for breaking down bones. Other studies suggest that supplementing with super collagen actively increases bone density, too.

While more research is necessary to fully understand the benefits super collagen has on your bones, this alone is enough for us to advocate for its use!

Thicker, Healthier Hair

For many of us, our hair is our proudest feature. We spend the most time on it before we go out, and we do everything we can to protect it. Special shampoos, avoiding excess heat, and yet, you've still noticed your hair health worsening with time. Whether it's becoming dry and brittle or completely falling out, it's yet another sign of aging.

Worry not - this is another benefit super collagen offers! Beyond just promoting healthy skin, it also promotes healthy hair. This powerful tandem of benefits is why super collagen has come to be known as the most powerful beauty supplement on the market.

There was recently a study on women with thinning hair. After taking daily collagen supplements for a period of time, the results were astounding. They showed substantial increases in hair quantity, scalp coverage, and thickness! We have reason to believe these benefits extend to men as well - who tend to struggle with hair loss far more than women do.

This super collagen benefit is so noteworthy we even wrote a complete guide on super collagen for hair growth - so check it out if you're interested.

Healthier, Faster Growing Nails

While some of us struggle with hair growth, others struggle with nail growth. Or, they struggle with nail breakage. Maybe you suffer from both! If this sounds like you, you'll be delighted to learn yet another super collagen benefit is faster, healthier nail growth.

A study took a look at the effect super collagen supplementation had on women who suffered from frequently broken nails or slow nail growth. These women showed an increase in nail growth rate and a decrease in chipped nails after taking daily collagen supplements. These results were attained after just four short weeks!

Reduced Joint Related Pain (Osteoarthritis)

We already discussed that one of the physical benefits of super collagen is increased bone density. But, it can also help with the joint-related issues you may experience with age, too. If you're a young, hard-working athlete - you may suffer from joint pain too.

The good news is that you can take super collagen supplements to help with this pain! Studies conducted on people with knee osteoarthritis took oral collagen supplements for 3-5 months. Over this time, their pain levels decreased - showing great promise for taking super collagen supplements to treat joint pain.

We've also got a plethora of anecdotal evidence to fall back on - we've personally used collagen supplements to manage joint pain and can attest to its efficacy.

More Lean Muscle Mass

Whether you're a guy or a girl, gaining lean muscle mass can be tough. Even with a proper diet and a great training regimen, muscle growth can be slow. What if you could speed it up by taking collagen supplements? Well, you can!

That's right - a combination of collagen peptides supplements, a balanced diet high in protein, and a quality training regimen can result in supercharged muscle growth.

One study examined men who took either 15g of collagen peptides or a placebo pill every day. After 12 weeks of training, those who took the collagen supplements showed a more substantial increase in both muscle mass and strength markers.

This makes sense when you think about it - after all, collagen itself is a protein. In fact, it's one of the most abundant proteins in our body! This super collagen benefit is the reason we've seen a lot more men begin supplementing with collagen protein.

Tips For Taking Super Collagen Supplements

We've covered the main benefits you'll unlock by taking collagen supplements. Now, you know all the reasons people are flocking to this product! But, how should you go about taking it? When is the best time to supplement?

You've got questions, and we've got the answers. Let's start with dosage.

How Often Should I Take Super Collagen?

No matter which super collagen benefit you're looking to attain, recommendations are pretty consistent in terms of dosing. You should be taking collagen supplements daily.

Whether you're hoping to achieve greater skin elasticity or faster lean muscle mass growth, you need to always have ample collagen supply in your body. Make this supplement a part of your daily regimen. With the types of supplements out there these days - like protein powder or capsules - it's easier than never to take daily collagen supplements.

When Should I Take My Super Collagen?

Now, does it matter if you take your collagen supplements in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Not really. But, recommendations do sometimes vary depending on the specific super collagen benefit you're looking to gain.

For example, if you're hoping to increase lean muscle mass, it makes more sense to take your collagen supplements (protein powder) after your workouts. You may even double up, and take a scoop in the morning upon waking, too. Just make sure to spread them out.

But if you're looking to increase skin elasticity or hair health, the specific timing of your supplementation is irrelevant. Just make sure you always get your daily dosage in - that's what really matters!

Does The Form Of My Collagen Supplement Matter?

There are all kinds of different collagen supplements out there. The most common you'll see these days are:

Does it matter what form your collagen supplements come in?

The specific form of the collagen supplement you take isn't that important. What really matters is the formulation of your supplement, and the ingredients it's comprised of. If you want to attain the benefits of super collagen for yourself, then you need to only take the highest quality supplements possible.

Otherwise, you end up running the risk of wasting your money on an underdosed, ineffective collagen supplement. Or worse - you risk your health by going with an unreputable, sketchy brand.

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