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      Super Collagen For Hair Growth - The Complete Guide

      Super Collagen For Hair Growth - The Complete Guide

      Super Collagen For Hair Growth - The Complete Guide

      Super Collagen For Hair Growth - The Complete Guide

      You've done everything you can to age gracefully. And yet, you've noticed your hair is thinner than it used to be, with some bald spots that you don't recognize.

      You're willing to try anything to try and restore your hairline and thickness - is the solution as simple as a super collagen supplement?

      Men and women around the globe swear by this powerful little protein's hair growth properties. Is it too good to be true, or can you really use super collagen for hair thickness and growth?

      Today, we'll take a deep dive into using this relatively new supplement for healthy hair. We'll cover what exactly it is, if it truly is the answer to your hair loss woes, and more.

      Towards the end, we'll explain how you should go about supplementing your existing collagen production if you do plan on taking this approach. Then, we'll unveil the #1 super collagen supplement for hair growth in particular.

      We've got a ton to cover, so let's start with a definition.

      What Is Super Collagen?

      You've heard of collagen - but what makes the "super" collagen so special?

      This revolutionary product isn't just a standard collagen bottle with a cape on. It's called super for a reason, though.

      It is a far more bioavailable form of collagen and is sometimes referred to as collagen peptides or hydrolyzed collagen.

      This hydrolyzed form is just a branch of the full collagen amino acid. Through revolutionary extraction processes, manufacturers are able to snip off just this little branch that actually provides the benefits. This means you can take less to achieve the same effect - how cool is that?

      Does Super Collagen Help Hair Growth?

      Now that you understand super collagen is nothing more than an ultra-bioavailable form of typical collagen, let's dive right into the topic at hand - is it true that this protein can help with hair growth or hair health in general?

      The answer is yes - it absolutely can. There is science behind it backing it up, in fact. Let's take a look at a few studies regarding super collagen and hair growth.

      Collagen Contains Amino Acids Essential For The Hair Building Process

      You may not know this, but hair is actually a protein of its own! That's right - specifically, our hair is made up of keratin. Let's get a bit more scientific to help you understand why that matters.

      Proteins are made up of amino acids - meaning keratin is made up of amino acids. And as it turns out, collagen provides a large portion of the amino acids necessary for building keratin. The three most noteworthy of these amino acids include proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline.

      All this is to say that if you don't have natural collagen production, your keratin protein levels will be lower than they should be. That will mean you struggle to build strong, healthy hair.

      Collagen Fights Free Radicals To Prevent Damage To Hair Follicles

      Many of the instances of balding or poor hair health are caused by free radicals wreaking havoc throughout the human body.

      Free radicals promote inflammation - and inflammation hampers hair growth. We actually have research suggesting that free radicals can as far as to permanently damage hair follicles.

      Of course, limiting free radicals by taking a look at your diet is a great first step. But these are more or less inevitable - they can arise from pollution, stress, smoking, and tons of other factors. So you need a way of fighting these free radicals off.

      That's where collagen comes in.

      Collagen is super rich in antioxidants, which are a key tool in the fight against free radicals and the inflammation they cause.

      There are other great antioxidants out there, but we have reason to believe collagen may actually be more powerful than some of the top contenders - making it a worthy addition to your wellness regimen based on this alone.

      Collagen Slows The Effects Aging Has On Your Hair Follicles

      Your hair is supposed to fall out - this is actually part of the hair growth phase, as new hair pushes out the old hair. However, with age, you'll no doubt notice that your hair falls out more rapidly.

      This actually has more to do with your skin than your hair, interesting enough.

      Your skin becomes weaker and less elastic with age, which causes your hair to more easily fall out.

      Perhaps you're familiar with the skin elasticity enhancements collagen has. If not, let us be the first to tell you! This powerful protein promotes stronger skin that is more elastic.

      In turn, your skin will be stronger and better equipped to hold onto the hair you do have on your head - reducing the thinning you once experienced.

      Collagen Helps Maintain Your Natural Hair Color With Age

      We talked a lot about free radicals and inflammation earlier - and the effects this can have on your hair. Well, one thing we didn't mention is the effects inflammation has on your hair in terms of hair color.

      It's no secret that stress causes graying - that's actually because stress contributes to inflammation in the scalp. The more inflamed, the more discolored hairs you'll have popping up.

      And as you now know, collagen is an effective antioxidant. That means if you take collagen supplements regularly, you'll be doing your part in fending off premature graying of your hair!


      With these three effects collagen has on your hair health, we can safely say it is a good idea to incorporate this supplement into your wellness regimen if you take your hair health seriously.

      But, how do you go about adding it in safely?

      How Much Super Collagen Should I Take Daily For Hair Growth?

      Too much of a good thing can be bad - so let's take a few moments to discuss collagen dosing. You want to make sure you're getting enough of those hair-building and protecting amino acids, but not at the cost of your overall health.

      The tricky part about this question of how much super collagen you should take daily for hair growth is that we don't really have any specific guidelines.

      However, we've personally been around long enough to see what works and what doesn't. So with that in mind, we recommend a dose of around 10 grams. If you sustain this for long enough, you'll be amazed at the hair growth you see.

      But we want to touch on a few other aspects of incorporating collagen supplements into your wellness regimen. It's not just the dose that matters - but the frequency and consistency you dedicate to your routine.

      Is It Good To Take Super Collagen Every Day?

      Many who are new to this supplement wonder if they should take it every day. Is this safe? Is it beneficial?

      The answer to both of these questions is yes - we encourage you to take your supplement daily for the best results. If you take days off, you're interrupting the vital hair growth processes as your body won't have the proteins necessary for building and maintaining a full head of hair.

      Don't starve your hair follicles of the food they need - feed them daily!

      What Is The Best Time To Take Your Collagen?

      Another regimen-related question we get asked from time to time is when should collagen supplements be taken?

      This may seem like an afterthought, and you may be under the impression that timing isn't really that important. You would be mistaken - timing is everything!

      Sure, you'll get results without putting much thought into the timing of your daily dose of collagen peptides. However, aren't you here to learn how to get the best hair growth results?

      That's what we thought.

      As it pertains to hair health in particular, we recommend taking the supplement at night before bed. This ensures your body has the specific amino acids it needs to repair your hair - which is what your body does while you sleep: repair.

      Keep in mind that the protocols for collagen timing vary based on what specific goals you have in mind. If you're taking this supplement not for your hair follicles' health but for gut health, you'd be better off taking it in the morning.

      How Long Does It Take For Super Collagen to Work For Hair Growth?

      Everybody wants better hair, but nobody wants to spend the time and energy being consistent with their regimen. This is why many people claim collagen supplements don't really help with hair growth at all. They quit too early.

      But if you're here reading this article, we have a feeling you're going to take things seriously. If that's the case, then stick to your daily dose of collagen for at least six months before making any changes.

      Think about the hair life cycle for a moment - sometimes, your hair growth cycle will last between 3-5 years! You can't expect to see results right away.

      However, that's not to say it's not possible.

      We've seen tons of customers report that their hair grew noticeably thicker within a few short months of incorporating super collagen into their regimen. If this doesn't happen for you, though, just stay patient - we promise it is worth the wait!

      What Are The Negative Effects Of Taking Collagen for Healthy Hair?

      Alright, we've ranted and raved about the hair growth effects collagen supplements can have for long enough. What's the catch?

      Are there any negative effects of taking collagen for healthy hair?

      Fortunately, this protein is incredibly safe when taken in safe doses. You won't have to worry about any short-term or long-term effects really.

      However, if you're pregnant - talk to your doctor before embarking on this journey. There is limited research into collagen supplementation during pregnancy, and it's better to be safe than sorry!

      What Is The Best Super Collagen Supplement For Hair Growth?

      We just told you that collagen supplements are perfectly safe - but there is a caveat to that.

      You need to buy your products from a quality, trustworthy brand. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying a collagen supplement filled with unnatural additives. Sometimes, brands use shady extraction processes to cut corners and save money.

      You don't want to spend your money on these brands.

      Instead, stick with Obvi - the best super collagen supplement for hair growth currently on the market.

      We're not just saying that either - we've got over 20,000 five-star reviews from verified customers to back it up! With over 25,000,000 servings sold across the globe, you can feel safe and secure shopping with Obvi.

      All Your Collagen Needs Are Covered With Obvi!

      Our super collagen supplement is one of the best in the world for hair growth. You cannot go wrong with adding this into your daily regimen.

      But, sometimes you need to take your collagen on the go. Or, maybe you get tired of the same routine. That's ok - we have all the collagen products you need to keep things fresh and your hair healthy!

      In fact, many of our collagen supplements aren't just collagen supplements at all. They actually feature other helpful ingredients to make them as powerful a wellness product as possible. That's true of our super collagen, which is fortified with biotin, vitamins C & E, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

      It's also true of the rest of our product line, which includes:

      So, what are you waiting for? Thinning hair and hair loss don't have to stress you out any longer. These ailments are a thing of the past when you incorporate Obvi into your wellness regimen - get started as soon as possible and start reversing those effects!


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