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      What Are Super Collagen Peptides?

      What are super collagen peptides?

      Perhaps you're familiar with collagen and the benefits typical collagen supplements provide - but what exactly are super collagen peptides?

      These are becoming more and more popular, and these days, you may be better off spending your money on a super collagen peptide supplement rather than a standard collagen product.

      But because super collagen is still a somewhat new product on the market, there isn't a ton of great information out there on it. That's why today, we're going to help you discover key differences between super collagen peptides and other types of collagen.

      We'll weigh the benefits and drawbacks of supplementing with these peptides, and unveil the only collagen supplements worth using - so stick around till the end if you take your beauty and health seriously!

      What Is Collagen?

      We're going to start with a quick refresher on collagen in general just in case you need it. This is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body, and as you can imagine, one of the most important.

      It's responsible for providing strength and structure to a number of key organs and systems throughout the human body - including your skin, hair, nails, heart, gut, and more.

      Your body does produce collagen naturally, but sometimes, collagen production drops off with age. This leads to the visual signs of aging - a decreased sense of beauty and health, which is evident first in the skin, hair, and nails.

      However, just because your body is struggling with healthy collagen formation doesn't mean you have to succumb to the effects of aging!

      This is why so many people supplement with collagen. Collagen supplementation isn't new, people have been doing it for decades! However, what is relatively new is super collagen peptides - what are these? Let's take a look.

      What Exactly Are Super Collagen Peptides?

      Super collagen peptides are simply a more readily available form of collagen. This means your body can actually utilize the collagen you are feeding it. That's really important for a few reasons.

      Number one, you save money. There is no sense in heavily dosing your typical collagen supplement if your body only uptakes a tiny portion! Instead, stretch your wellness budget further with the peptides - less is actually more.

      But, it also means that you get a more pure form of collagen. Let's take a look at how super collagen peptides are made, breaking this topic down a bit further.

      Where Do Collagen Peptides Come From?

      Collagen peptides are simply a hydrolyzed form of standard collagen. These peptides are short chains of amino acids, which are extracted from full-length collagen chains.

      Through revolutionary extraction processes, we're now able to grab just the parts of collagen we really want! This process is known as enzymatic hydrolysis or enzymatic hydrolyzation.

      Typically, the starting point for these peptides is from bovine - ideally, grass-fed bovine. Their hides are incredibly rich in collagen content.

      The native collagen must first go through a softening process before hydrolyzation can occur. This allows the peptides to soften their bonds and safely/efficiently be extracted from the full collagen chain.

      The process of hydrolyzation uses specific enzymes to eliminate or break down the peptide bonds to the point where they can be removed.

      The end result is a form of collagen that is more bioavailable than anything we've ever seen before!

      Super Collagen vs Collagen Peptides - What Is The Difference?

      Sometimes, you'll see the terms "super collagen" and "collagen peptides" used interchangeably.

      That's because they mean the same thing - because collagen peptides are a more efficient, effective form of this protein, we've coined the phrase "super collagen"!

      You'll also commonly see the term "hydrolyzed collagen" used. All three of these speak to the same readily available form of collagen. You can use whichever you like, but we prefer the term super collagen - because it truly is super!

      How so?

      Let's take a look at what super collagen peptide supplementation can do for you. Because it's pretty incredible.

      What Do Super Collagen Peptides Do For You?

      Now that you know exactly what super collagen peptides are - simply bioavailable forms of collagen - we want to discuss why they're worth talking about in the first place.

      What can super collagen peptides do for you?

      Well, if you're late to the party - they have a whole host of health benefits to mention. You may already be aware of the way collagen can contribute to healthy hair, youthful skin, and more - but did you know there are even more benefits than those that meet the eye?

      That's right - it's not just cosmetic benefits you'll attain when supplementing with collagen.

      We're going to take a deep dive into all the reasons people strive for healthy collagen formation, including youthful skin, thicker hair, stronger nails, and more.

      What Are The Super Collagen Peptide Benefits?

      Collagen is all about strengthening your body's important structures and organs while providing hydration. That's why many of the benefits you see are cosmetic:

      • More youthful, elastic skin
      • Healthier, thicker hair
      • Stronger, faster-growing nails

      These collagen benefits are well documented and tend to be the primary reason users first consider trying this supplement. But - you don't just achieve cosmetic benefits when supplementing with collagen!

      As you now know, collagen is essential in providing strength and structure to other parts of your body - not just your skin, hair, and nails. Some studies have shown those who suffer from arthritis enjoyed a substantial decrease in pain and inflammation by regularly supplementing with collagen.

      Similarly, collagen supplementation increases bone strength and health. With denser bones, your likelihood of suffering from a break or bone disease is far lower.

      Speaking of strength and structure - you'll also have an easier job packing on lean muscle mass and losing weight by adding collagen into your fitness regimen.

      These benefits are all backed up with studies and are more or less documented. But, there are a few potential benefits collagen offers that we need to do a bit more research into before we can say for certain: including lowering blood pressure and blood sugar.

      What Are The Super Collagen Peptide Risks or Drawbacks?

      Alright - there are obviously tons of benefits just waiting to be unlocked with the help of hydrolyzed collagen. But what's the catch - are there any risks, health complications, or drawbacks to regular supplementation?

      Fortunately, there are no documented health risks when properly supplementing with hydrolyzed collagen. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

      With that said, exercise caution if you are pregnant. There are no solid studies on women supplementing their existing collagen production during pregnancy. That isn't to say you must avoid collagen during pregnancy - but we would highly advise you to consult a medical professional and discuss incorporating it into your daily regimen.

      In general, just mind your dosing when taking collagen. We recommend sticking to around 10 grams daily and sticking to it for at least 6 months to see the full results this protein has to offer you.

      Are Super Collagen Peptides Worth The Money?

      Now that you know what super collagen peptides are - and you understand all the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen - it's time to ponder whether or not these supplements are worth the money.

      That's a tough question to answer - because it varies from person to person. You have to consider whether or not a collagen supplement is worth it to you!

      Consider how much importance you put on your appearance and health. Do you want more youthful skin, stronger hair, and better nails? How about improved heart and gut health, stronger bones, and joints, and all the other benefits hydrolyzed collagen offers?

      Chances are, you are interested in attaining these benefits - who wouldn't be?!

      That's why to us - yes, hydrolyzed collagen is worth the money.

      However, you have to buy them from the best source possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting an under formulated, low-quality supplement that won't deliver the results you're hoping for.

      It's time to unveil Obvi - the best collagen supplement brand on the market.

      Where Is The Best Place To Buy Super Collagen Peptides?

      If you take your health and beauty seriously, Obvi is the obvious choice for super collagen. We are here to help you unlock healthy hair, skin, nails, and more with our diverse lineup of super collagen!

      We've earned a reputation as the best in the industry, and that isn't a self-proclaimed title - we have over 250,000 satisfied customers and 25 million servings sold all around the world!

      With an astonishing 20,000 five-star reviews, you can shop in confidence knowing you're getting nothing but the best.

      A Look At The Different Types Of Hydrolyzed Collagen We Offer

      What's so great about shopping at Obvi?

      Besides the top-tier quality and customer service, we also offer so many different types of products - in a wide range of flavors - to keep things fresh and help you achieve whatever specific goal you're after. Here is a quick breakdown of our offerings:

      One thing is consistent about each of these products we offer - from our super collagen powder to our meal replacement bars. You'll find that not only do you get a healthy dose of hydrolyzed collagen, but you also get other compounds to optimize your beauty and wellness regimen!

      Shop now and find all the collagen you need at Obvi - you're moments away from changing your health and appearance forever!


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