Order Refunds Form

Please fill out the fields below to return your order. After completing the form below, please allow 1-2 business days for your request to be processed. If your return is approved you will automatically receive a return label to complete your return. To prevent fraud, Obvi limits all returns to up to 2 items per customer. If your return request contains more than 2 items, it will not be approved.

Please enter the item(s) you are returning below. There is a limit of 2 individual items per return. Each text box below should contain only one of each item. For example, if you are return two Collagenic Burn Capsules, you would enter Collagenic Burn for Item 1, and Collagenic Burn again for Item 2, for a total of 2 quantity. If you have purchased a bundle and would like to return, please list each individual item from the bundle, up to 2 items.