A Letter To Our Community

A Letter To Our Community

To the Obvi Community, for 3 years, we’ve worked hard at Obvi and even harder behind the scenes to make sure we provide you products that work, with ingredients that are real and transparent.

We’ve worked hard to make sure we never sacrifice the efficacy of our formulation.

We’ve worked hard to make sure all 250,000+ order thus far delivery safely worldwide.

We’ve worked hard to invest into building the world’s largest collagen community.

We’ve worked as hard as we can to stomach all the rising costs in shipping, production and ingredients all while making sure we can offer you a wonderful 30 day money back guarantee.

With that being said, to ensure we continue to work hard on all the above from sourcing ingredients to launching new products and flavors all while making sure we don’t cut any corners on formulation, we finally need to increase the price of our products to remain sustainable.

Although the price increase isn’t all that much, we know for many of you every dollar counts and we truly hope this won’t affect the ability to give you good and wholesome Obvi products.

We plan to put this price increase into motion by Sunday, July 10th. Prior to that, given the relationship we have with you, we wanted to give you a chance to stock up [without any buying limits] on your favorites and we’re providing a code below that will also instantly take off 25% Off your order until Sunday.

👉 VIP25 👈

We want to thank you for endless support and passion in helping Obvi grow.

We truly built this company for you and we’re always here to support what is best for you, inside and out.

We hope you can understand our decision but also cherish the ability to take advantage!


Thank you Obvi Fam ❤️


- Founders of Obvi