Frosted Cereal Caramel Oat Milkshake for Two


2 cups oat milk

2 scoops OBVI Protein Collagen Powder Frosty Cereal Flavor

2 scoops coconut ice cream, vanilla or caramel flavor

Caramel corn, for topping

Frosty cereal, for topping

Caramel syrup, for drizzling



In a blender, combine oat milk, collagen powder, and coconut ice cream until smooth. Pour into two mason jars (top with additional ice cream if desired). Top with caramel corn, frosty cereal and caramel. Serve with straws! 


This doesn’t seem like a healthy choice. I’m definitely not gonna lose weight eating something like this.

Jennifer Cabell

Is any of your products recommended for Diabetics
Insulin Dept – Type 1
Or does all of your products have SUGAR ? My granddaughter is an Insulin Dependent – Type 1. Thanks. FaeDrummond

Fae Drummond

I want one

Victoria Musa

Hello, although the Frosted Cereal Caramel Oat Milkshake looks delicious I’m concerned it isn’t healthy nor low enough for weight loss. I’m a new customer looking to lose weight and lower my a1c levels. I thought your product is specifically for this. Please clarify for me. Thank you.

Malissa Henkels

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