Why You Need Vitamin C in Your Life

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for your body. It helps with many biological functions such as immunity, the production of collagen and many other health benefits. It is also a powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen your body and stimulate other antioxidants within you. Here are some examples of why taking vitamin C is essential for your life:


Collagen Production

Collagen is the protein produced from our bodies that holds it together and vitamin C helps with its production! Our bodies start to decline in the production of collagen at the age of 25 therefore it is needed that we help in increasing the production of collagen. A great source of vitamin C and collagen is Obvi’s Super Collagen Protein that boasts 90 milligrams of vitamin C. Obvi felt that vitamin C is very important in the advanced formulation of their Obvi Super Collagen Protein because of its necessity in our bodies but also its inaccessibility of getting it naturally which makes it hard for us to maintain stable levels. To get the full benefit of your collagen, vitamin C is a crucial element.



As we age our memory starts lacking and suffering from vitamin C deficiency may be a cause. Some studies have shown that lower levels of vitamin C in the elderly have higher memory loss results. If you want to help keep your mind on the right track, taking vitamin C will help keep you more attentive because it produces norepinephrine which increases your ability to concentrate. Being more focused will keep you on track of your daily routine and help your memory in the long run.



Say goodbye to skin imperfections once you introduce vitamin C into your life! Using a vitamin C serum or product with vitamin C as an ingredient will help speed up the healing process of skin damage like acne marks, sun spots and uneven skin tone. It also has an amazing brightening effect that will turn your dull and boring skin into a bright and clear complexion. The best part of looking for a vitamin C serum is that so many brands have their own version of this product with different price ranges so you can splurge or stay on a budget when purchasing a serum.



Taking vitamin C will give your body the overall health boost it needs. It fights against free radicals inside your body that can harm you and cause serious health threats. Vitamin C also helps with bone growth by stimulating our cells and aiding in the repair of body tissues. Plus, having higher levels of vitamin C is better for exercising since it burns more body fat compared to people with lower vitamin C levels. Along with helping to loose body fat, you get an extra energy boost!


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