6 Hair Growth Tips That Will Surprise You

By Charlene Nieves

The journey to long and luscious hair is a confusing one. You follow the shampooing and conditioning rules, brush your hair every day and use a lot of products but it’s still not enough to see a difference in your hair. It’s time to think outside of the box and try new strategies to get those lovely locks growing! Check out these six surprising tips to achieve hair growth:

Remove the Heat

Put your hair straightener and curling iron away! It’s time to take a break from your favorite hair styling products that can actually be doing more harm than good. Using heat styling tools at its maximum heat can damage your hair by making your hair strands weaker and prone to breakage. Give yourself a break from using hair styling products and as a result your hair can repair itself faster. If you must use a hair styling tool for a special event, use it at a lower temperature with heat protectant products or try curlers or wrapping your hair instead as 100% heat free alternative.

No Daily Shampoo

Believe it or not, your hair likes being oily. It needs the natural oils in your scalp to repair and strengthen your hair strands. By washing your hair every single day you are constantly stripping it of its natural oils which will make your hair dry and brittle. Reduce the amount of times you wash your hair to one to two times a week by spacing out the days in between.

Get a Trim

Who knew that the secret to growing your hair is cutting it? Yes, getting regular trims once every couple of months keeps your hair damage free. How? Regularly trimming off those annoying split ends that make your hair weak and stunt its growth can lead to your hair growing and looking healthier. Taking off about 2 centimeters of the ends of your hair every couple of months will help it in the long run by giving you the smoothest and least damaged hair you’ve ever had.


The secret to healthy hair is having a healthy life. This means having a well-balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and nutrients will give some love to your hair as well. A great source of vitamins and nutrients for your hair is Obvi Collagen Protein. Obvi’s advanced formula includes biotin, vitamin E, vitamin C and more that contribute to stronger and healthier hair. Biotin is one of the most famous vitamins for promoting hair growth and can be taken in many different ways.

Cold Water

It’s hard to turn down a nice warm rinse but they are actually very bad for your hair. Warm water is very drying and opens up the cuticle cells while cool water is the complete opposite for your hair. Closing the cuticle cells on your hair strands may sound bad but it does provide many benefits to you. Using cold water as your final step of rinsing your hair will help moisturize, add shine and reduce frizz. It also helps your skin in the same way by closing your pores and helping keep in your natural oils.

Try a Mask

Hair masks are great for giving your hair some extra support. Just like face masks, they have a lot of benefits and can be DIY! Hair masks help strengthen and repair your hair over time by deeply moisturizing and providing helpful nutrients. Hair masks cater to a majority of different hair types therefore you’ll have no problem finding a mask that is best suited for you. They are especially helpful for damaged hair because the deep moisture and nourishing ingredients will help transform the brittle hair strands.