What Is Collagen Whey Protein Powder?

You're probably familiar with whey protein, and you've heard of collagen powder too. But, what exactly is collagen whey protein powder?

This powerful tandem may be able to support your muscle-building or weight-loss goals more efficiently and effectively than just one or the other.

Today, we'll explain what exactly collagen whey protein powder is. Of course, we'll also share why you should care. By the end of this article, you'll know all the benefits collagen whey protein offers.

Chances are, you'll want to unlock them for yourself. So, towards the end, we'll explain where you can go to find the best quality collagen whey protein powder possible.

We've got a lot to cover, so let's not waste any more time. To get the ball rolling, we'll start by discussing collagen protein powder.

What Is Collagen Protein Powder?

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our bodies. It's responsible for providing strength and structure to a number of different organs and structures throughout the human body. As such, medical professionals sometimes refer to collagen as the "glue" that holds the body together.

With age, natural collagen production within the body drops. This is just one of the many unfortunate realities of getting older. With less collagen throughout the body, a few things start to happen.

First and foremost, you may notice more brittle hair and nails. If your hair and nails start growing slower or start breaking easier, it could be a sign of collagen deficiency. You may also notice less elastic skin accompanied by the unsightly formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

But the effects of collagen protein deficiency aren't just seen in your appearance. They can be felt throughout your body. You may experience joint and bone pain as collagen levels drop. You'll also struggle to pack on lean muscle mass.

Many people have successfully reversed these effects by supplementing with collagen protein powder. There are all kinds of supplements out there for you to choose from.

However, many have pointed out issues with using collagen as a protein source for recovery. Collagen is not considered a complete protein. It is missing essential amino acids that would complete the BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) necessary to be considered a "complete protein". That means your body can only do so much with collagen protein. As such, many people have tried to find a more complete protein out there - which is where whey comes in.

What Is Whey Protein Powder?

Whey concentrate powder is one of the most common supplements on the market. You'll find it in any supplement store, and these days, your local supermarket probably has a few tubs on their shelves.

The modern-day diet tends to be low in protein. This is especially true for those who live a vegan lifestyle and avoid consuming meat, dairy, or eggs. As such, supplementing with whey concentrate powder is an easy and obvious solution to meeting your protein goals. If you follow a weight lifting or exercise program rigorously, a whey protein supplement is probably a part of your daily routine.

Whey protein supplements are quick digesting. In fact, whey is one of the fastest digesting proteins on the market. That's why whey protein isolate is commonly taken after a workout. It gives the body a fast supply of the protein it needs to start rebuilding the muscles you just broke down in the weight room or on the track.

And, it consists of all nine essential amino acids, too. These branched-chain amino acids are what actually help your body recover from the stimulus of training or exercising.

But whey protein supplements have some issues, too. Some claim that this fast absorption of whey protein is a waste - especially when serving sizes provide up to 30g of whey per serving. Naysayers claim the body cannot use this much whey at once. As such, there have been instances of people claiming whey protein is a waste of money.

Collagen vs Whey Protein - Which Is Better?

The truth is, collagen and whey protein each have their benefits and drawbacks. But, which is better for you? It really depends on what your goals are.

If you're just looking for quick, fast-digesting protein - stick with whey. If you're looking for something a bit more diverse to support overall wellness, collagen protein powders are likely the right choice for you.

But the reality is that whey protein and collagen aren't mutually exclusive. It doesn't have to be "collagen vs whey protein", because these two protein sources can actually be consumed simultaneously!

Combining Collagen & Whey Protein Powder For The Best Of Both Worlds

What if we told you that you don't have to choose between collagen protein and whey protein? That you don't need to buy a tub of both and take two shakes daily just to get the best of both worlds? Instead, you can grab a tub of collagen whey protein and unlock everything these amazing proteins have to offer!

That's right. These days, there are formulations that include both collagen and whey protein isolate. Here are some of the benefits you'll unlock allowing these protein types to work synergistically.

Collagen Whey Protein Powder Helps You Pack On Lean Muscle Mass While Losing Weight

Most people researching protein powder are doing so to support their vigorous exercise regimen. Well, you likely already know that whey protein is essential in encouraging muscle protein synthesis.

Muscle protein synthesis is the body's ability to repair muscle tissue. After you workout, your muscle fibers have been torn and broken down. Muscle protein synthesis must occur to build those muscles back stronger than before to handle whatever stimulus you gave it.

Whey protein has long been studied and found to be incredibly effective as a supplement for muscle growth and strength gains (1). This complete protein offers all the essential amino acids necessary for proper recovery post-workout.

But, did you know that collagen protein can help you recover after a hard workout, too? Maybe you're only familiar with the beauty benefits collagen protein offers. Once you realize that as much as 10% of your muscle consists of collagen, this makes a bit more sense. And, there is research supporting the use of collagen peptides supplements as a form of recovery.

Just take a look at this study (2), which showed great potential for using collagen protein to boost muscle mass. 27 frail men began incorporating collagen protein into their regimen along with a daily exercise program. After 12 weeks, the results showed the group who took collagen had progressed more both in terms of muscle mass and strength gains. Furthermore, research suggests that collagen protein supports the synthesis of creatine, an essential compound when it comes to recovery.

When it comes to losing weight, anecdotal evidence suggests collagen protein can play a key role. Specifically, this powerful little protein may help boost metabolism. However, more research is needed here before we can say definitively.

So, by combining whey and collagen protein, you get the most complete source of essential amino acids possible. The synergy that's possible by combining these two proteins is profound.

Other Benefits Collagen Whey Protein Offers

The best part about finding a collagen whey protein supplement? The benefits you'll unlock extend far beyond just muscle growth and strength gains. Collagen is perhaps the most diverse protein we know of - and can help with a myriad of other problems.

We already talked about the effects collagen has on your beauty - helping to enhance your skin, hair, and nail health. If you've struggled with aging and wish you could turn back the clock to enjoy your more youthful, radiant appearance again, consider collagen whey supplements (3).

But that's not all. Those who undertake vigorous exercise programs tend to put their joints and connective tissue under tons of stress. Whether you're a runner or a weightlifter, one thing is certain: you don't want pain or dysfunction affecting your regimen.

The good news is that collagen supplements can help. On top of boosting lean muscle mass and supporting your beauty regimen, collagen can build stronger joints, bones, and other connective tissue. Those with osteoarthritis will be delighted to hear that a collagen whey supplement can help them eliminate discomfort and get back to moving pain-free (4)!

Where Can You Find The Best Collagen Whey Protein?

So there you have it - whey collagen protein is one of the most versatile, effective recovery supplements currently on the market. Now that you know what it is, and what it can help you with, all that's left to do is find the best supplement possible.

This is not something you should take lightly. Supplement shopping can get overwhelming, especially as you try and find the differences between certain products. Just ensure the product you're buying has all the essential amino acids for recovery and muscle growth.

And if you're looking for a recommendation, we've got you covered.

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