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      Easy Ways to Eat Collagen

      There are so many benefits to eating collagen that you definitely want to make sure it’s part of your diet. While there are plenty of fantastic recipes here at Obvi, we all know that life can get busy and sometimes maintaining your health can fall to the wayside. From whole foods like fruits and veggies to super convenient supplements, here are some of the easiest ways to incorporate more collagen in your daily routine:


      Vitamin C Rich Foods

      Vitamin C is an essential building block needed for collagen production, so consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C directly improves many necessary processes of the body. Some of the foods highest in vitamin C include fruits such as citrus, strawberries, and tomatoes, as well as vegetables like dark leafy greens, peppers, and potatoes.


       Egg Whites

      Chock full of the major components of collagen, egg whites are a great addition to your diet. With so many options of egg white omelet recipes out there it’s super easy to start your day off right, especially if you add in plenty of healthy veggies as well.


      Bone Broth

      This super trendy star of the Keto diet may seem intimidating, but it really is as easy as mixing animal bones with water and then boiling it long enough to extract as much nutrition as possible. Jam packed with collagen, amino acids, and several other nutrients, bone broth can be made in bulk then frozen so you can enjoy the benefits for months to come; just be sure to get as high quality bones as you can to maximize the nutrients available.



      Supercharge your morning meal with an extra dose of collagen into your morning oats. Simply prepare your favorite recipe, then add in a single scoop right before serving and enjoy (or try our favorite Cinna Cereal Oatmeal!).



      Who doesn’t love to start their morning with a delicious and nutritious breakfast smoothie? It really can’t get any easier to make your breakfast even more healthy with the addition of collagen; just add in a single scoop to your blender. We’ve got several tasty recipes that you can try, from Fruity Cereal Breakfast Smoothie to Cinnamon Split Smoothie.



      Not a smoothie fan? With collagen powders sporting flavors such as Cinna Cereal and Cocoa Cereal you can add not just healthy boost but also added flavor to your morning cup of joe. It dissolves in easily to any sort of beverage that suits your taste, like our Fruity Cereal Collagen Frappuccino.




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