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5 Reasons Why Obvi Delivers Perfect Hormonal Harmony

Finding relief after a hysterectomy can be challenging. Restore a healthy balance & finally feel like you again with Obvi's Hello Goodbye!

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1. Finally Achieve Hormonal Harmony

One of the most significant challenges post hysterectomy is dealing with the symptoms of hormonal imbalances. These include hot flashes, hair thinning, skin changes, weight gain, and more. Goodbye's unique blend of ingredients, including Organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha and 3,3 Diindolylmethane, helps balance hormones and restore equilibrium, making menopause symptoms a thing of the past.

2. Stop Tossing & Turning All Night

Many people experience sleep disturbances after a hysterectomy. Waking up several times a night and not getting real sleep is damaging to the body. Goodbye's calming ingredients, such as Passion Flower Extract and L-Theanine, will improve your sleeping patterns & aid in promoting better sleep quality, so you can wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and clear headed.

3. Unlock The Energy You Forgot You Had

Fatigue is a common complaint among individuals experiencing hysterectomy-induced menopause mainly because of poor sleep quality. Hello's blend of energy-boosting ingredients, such as B vitamins and Theacrine, provides clean, all-day energy without the crash, helping you stay productive and focused throughout the day.

4. Conquer Mood Swings & Shut Down Anxiety

Menopause can bring about mood swings, increased anxiety, and irritation, which can be even more pronounced after a hysterectomy. Hello Goodbye's combination of mood-enhancing and anxiety-reducing ingredients, including Rhodiola Extract and Asian Ginseng Extract, helps to finally calm your mind and provide relief to those constantly struggling with emotional ups and downs.

5. Ignite Razor Sharp Focus

Brain fog and difficulty concentrating are not uncommon during menopause, especially after a hysterectomy. Hello's potent blend of ingredients, including Methyliliberine as Dynamine, has been praised for its ability to improve mental clarity and focus, allowing you to finally attack your daily tasks, making them more manageable and enjoyable.

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Feel Like You Again With Obvi's Hello Goodbye

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Before taking hello and goodbye my menopause symptoms were completely out of hand. Mood swings and hot flashes were unbearable. I’ve been taking this product since Thanksgiving and my hot flashes are gone. My mood swings have leveled out. No more crying days. I love this product. Thank y’all from me and my husband.

Amy J.



Before taking Hello/Goodbye I had no energy, it literally took everything I had to get out of bed. I now feel like I’ve been handed a new life. I wake up in the morning feeling like I did 20 years ago and at almost 55 years old that means a lot. Thank you Obvi!!!

Tracy B.



I didn’t realize how well this dynamic duo was working until I made the mistake of running out before reordering. I felt hot flashes, irritability, etc come back on after not taking them for about a week or so. Needles to say, I hurried and placed my order. Hello and Goodbye are amazing and really has made a difference in my quality of life.

Vicki F.


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