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7 Nutrients Your New Year’s Weight Loss Routine Is Missing (Hint: It Starts With Collagen)

Fight off the pounds even faster with Obvi Collagenic Burn. And the BONUS benefits are just as good: longer hair, stronger nails, and smoother skin!

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1. Collagen

Obvi Collagenic Burn has powerful, proprietary ingredients that no other fat burner or collagen supplement has. Obvi is the only fat burner that contains the 5 main sources of collagen that your body needs to build muscle and feel full, as well as powerful natural ingredients and 2 patented weight loss ingredients. 

Obvi’s Collagenic burn takes the best parts of weight loss science and combines it with the power of collagen - so you can get the best results, ASAP! Oh, by the way, Obvi Collagenic Burn also helps you get stronger hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints.

2. Biotin (a.k.a. Vitamin B7)

This compound, also known as Vitamin B7, is essential for metabolism as it helps the body break down fats, carbs, and proteins in food. Some studies even show that it could boost metabolism and help with weight loss.

Biotin also stimulates your body’s natural Keratin production systems, which leads to longer hair, stronger nails, and healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

3. Vitamin B12

While it doesn’t directly cause weight loss, Vitamin B12 likely makes weight management easier.

It is a vital nutrient for your body’s metabolism process, helping convert fat and protein into energy. And since it’s water soluble, you need to continuously ingest Vitamin B12 to maintain an adequate supply. 

What’s more, Vitamin B12 is known for increasing energy and endurance, something you’ll need if you plan on adding workouts to your weight loss routine.

4. Weight Loss Ingredients

No fat burner is complete without targeted weight loss compounds. In addition to the 5-collagen blend, Obvi contains:

  • Garcinia to suppress appetite and stop carbs from converting to fat

  • Cayenne Pepper to curb appetite, speed up metabolism, and burn calories

  • Green Tea to accelerate weight loss 

  • Black Pepper, an ancient Ayurvedic weight loss ingredient to rev metabolism and burn fat

  • Raspberry Ketones to increase metabolism and fat burning, and reduce appetite

5. InnobioⓇ

Studies have shown that supplementing with CLA can reduce fat mass. And you won’t find this ingredient in any other supplement! 

InnobioⓇ is a patented ingredient mixture of free fatty acids. It is made from natural safflower oil, and it’s high in isomers of CLA. This “secret weapon” ingredient can  help reduce fat and overall weight.

6. BioperineⓇ

Obvi’s patented BioperineⓇ formula is an antioxidant compound that comes from the the black pepper fruit. It not only helps reduce oxidative stress (caused by high-fat diets), it also helps other ingredients in the supplement to be absorbed and used by the body.

BioperineⓇ can also help stimulate thermogenesis and increase your metabolism to break down fat cells.

7. Caffeine

Of course caffeine gives you a boost of energy. But did you know that it can also raise your metabolism and increase your body’s fat-burning process

Caffeine also has a natural appetite-dulling effect. So you’ll likely find yourself eating less, plus it enhances your mood to keep you going strong all day long.

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Thank you Obvi for giving me the tools and support to help turn my weight-loss journey, into a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!! Just over a year... 8 pant sizes down... 70lbs lost... I feel the strongest I have ever felt and I feel absolutely AMAZING!

Jaime L.



All I can say is that the past 10 months have been life altering. I am BLESSED beyond my words can express. I am 65 lbs down and I gained back 6 years of my life. I am so grateful to Obvi.

Suzanne S.



On Easter I had ordered Obvi and was so eager to start all of it's goodness!! Today, I could not tell you how many pounds I've lost because I lost track! I just know I've went from a size 20 in shorts to a size 12-14 and a size xxl top to a large top. Thank you Obvi!

Tracy B.


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